Construction Service Requests

You’re breaking ground and need to get utilities to your new site. With our help, that process is quick and easy!

New Construction Service

If you are in the process of building a new construction site and would like to request electric service, please complete the New Construction Electric Service Application. In order to start the new construction electric service process, we will require the application to be filled out completely. It is important that the items below are submitted as well to properly size the equipment needed to serve your location.
  • Completed application
  • Site plan with dimensions that show the location of proposed structures, septic, well, driveways, etc.
  • Estimated peak demand for new service. The prospective member is expected to work with an electrician to determine the peak demand, which is defined as the highest electrical power demand that may be experienced over a period.
  • A $75 application fee is required when submitting a new construction application to KV REMC. 


Once the application is completed, please mail it to the KV REMC office (PO Box 157, Wanatah, IN 46390) or email it to

After the application is received, it will be sent to an engineer for processing. The engineer will be responsible for developing a design option for the new service. Once the design is agreed upon by the member, KV REMC will issue work order paperwork that may include release forms, easements, cost estimates, and other documents.The member must complete all the following items, if applicable: submit all completed paperwork, receive a passing county inspection on the new service entrance, and submit payment in full. After all items are received by KV REMC, the project may be scheduled to be completed.