Rental Releases

If you are renting out a residence you own within the KV REMC territory, you can choose how you’d like to handle utility costs and billing.

Renting and Electric Bills

For individuals renting homes in the KV REMC service terriorty, KV REMC offers three ways to handle utility costs and usage. The best option is left up to the tenant and the landlord. The landlord and tenant agreements make handling the terms quick and easy.

We offer three convenient options:

  • The Landlord is a KV REMC member and will receive and pay the utility bill for Tenant’s electric use.
  • The Tenant is responsible for the monthly electric bill.
  • The Tenant prepays for electric service and KVREMC installs a meter set to limit electrical service.


Please use the release forms below to inform KV REMC the best way to handle the utility bills for your rental property.

Landlord Agreement Release PDF >

Tenant Authorization Release PDF >

Want To Learn More?

Check out this fantastic tool that analyzes your utility costs over
time and can help you identify opportunities for saving.

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