Over Four Decades of Devoted Service

It’s a safe bet when Lori Young started her first day as the REMC’s receptionist, she never imagined our
co-op would become her second home for 43 years. Since 1978, Lori has served Kankakee Valley REMC
member-consumers; for many years as a member service representative and from 1998 in an executive
assistant/ human resources position.

Her job titles can’t capture the diverse roles she played along the way. “All we had to communicate
with the trucks were the truck radios,” Young recalls. “When they left the pole yard, they had to
radio in ‘Truck 46 clear’ and we would have to reply ‘Truck 46 clear’ just to make sure the radio
worked that day.” She’s seen a lot of change. “We have been in the propane business and now we’re
installing a fiber ring to our substations. This fiber may someday be used
by a provider to allow internet service to rural communities.”

Young thought a lot about retiring but worried she’d miss her work friends. “What makes the co-op a
great place to work is the employees,” she says. “They become like family to you.” Now she looks
forward to traveling. “There are so many places in the U.S. that I want to see and experience!”

Although change was something Lori experienced much of during her time at the co-op, one thing
never changed; the enjoyment for what she did. “I’m proud to work for a company that is so well
known and liked in the community,” she says. It is the fun memories with the member-consumers and
the employees that she will take with her to retirement.

Thank you for your years of service to the membership and employees of the co-op. We wish you much
health and happiness as you begin your retirement.