Understand Your Bill

Utility bills contain a lot of technical information and can be confusing to read. The information below will walk you through some of the technical information and charges you will find on your bill so that you understand exactly what you’re paying for.

Sample Bill


Example Bill

How to Read Your Bill

  1. Facilities Charge: Facility fees are used to cover operating, maintenance and administrative costs for the entire electrical distribution system. 
  2. Power Cost Adjustment: This charge offsets any increase or decrease in the cost of energy and is a direct flow-thru from our power provider.
  3. E-Bill Credit: If you're signed up for electronic billing, you receive a $.50/month credit to your account.
  4. E-Newsletter Credit: If you're signed up for electronic newsletters, you receive a $.50/month credit to your account.
  5. State Tax: 7% Indiana Sales Tax is added to your bill
  6. Total Current Balance Due: Total balance of account after all charged and credits are calculated.
  7. Roundup: If you're part of Operation Roundup, your bill will be rounded up to the next dollar. The "round up" money is used as part of the Operation Roundup program to help non-profits in your community.
  8. Previous Amount Due: Total amount that was due from your previous billing cycle.
  9. Thank you for your payment: Notes all payments made since the last billing cycle.
  10. Total Amount Due: After all payments, credits and charges are calculated, this amount is the final total that is due to KV REMC for the current billing cycle.
  11. KWH Used: KWH is a measurement of electrical energy. A kilowatt-hour equals 1,000 watts of energy used for one hour. One 100 watt light bulb burning for 10 hours consumes one kilowatt-hour. KWH used indicates how many kilowatts of energy you consumed in the current and previous billing periods.