Safety Tips

Call before you dig!

Indiana law requires all utilities with underground facilities to belong to the Indiana Underground Plant Protection Service. In accordance with that law, Kankakee Valley REMC is now a member of IUPPS.

High Voltage Demonstration

Each year in the United States, hundreds of people are killed and more than 10,000 are injured from electrical accidents in the home. At work, electricity causes more than 300 deaths each year.  

Facts About Electrical Safety

The latest figures from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Com-mission (CPSC) indicate that there were 440 total accidental electrocutions in 1999, 170 related to consumer-products. 

Work Safety Around Power Lines

Electricity is just as important on the farm as in the office today but presents more potential hazards for the farmer or rancher than for the computer operator. 

Are Surges Really a Problem?

More than 50% of today’s residential products contain electronic components and the list is growing. Most people only think of computers, TVs and VCRs when you mention electronic appliances, but many of the newer products, such as stoves, refrigerators and heating and cooling systems contain sophisticated electronic circuits.

Keep Landscaping Away From Safety Boxes

If your home is served by underground electric cable, you may want to plant some flowers or shrubs nearby to disguise that transformer cabinet on your property. Don't do it!

Storm Safety Tips

If you think your home may have water damage or you plan to use portable generator, follow the following important safety tips.

Tornado Safety Tips

Tornados can travel in excess of 60 miles per hour and usually a tornado is only about a mile away by the time a person in its path hears it coming. At this speed a person has about one minute to implement an emergency plan. Every person should know how to react to a tornado BEFORE it arrives.