Carbon Emissions-Net Zero By 2050

Over the past decade, Kankakee Valley REMC’s power supplier, Wabash Valley Power Alliance (WVPA), has been committed to changing the way they generate electricity.  They recently announced a target date of 2050 to attain net-zero emissions in their power generation portfolio. Net-zero means that any carbon produced by WVPA’s portfolio will offset the additional production of zero-emission generation sources.    

WVPA began its carbon reduction journey in 2002 when it started energy production from its first landfill gas plant.  Today they operate a fleet of 15 landfill gas plants, generating over 50 MW of energy.

Wind and solar energy are also part of their portfolio.  They own eight solar arrays generating 6.8 MW (peak) and buy the energy from two solar arrays in Illinois totaling 198 MW.  In addition, they purchase 278.8 MW of wind energy from five wind farms throughout the Midwest. 

As WVPA focuses on carbon emissions, they will concentrate on energy-generating resources and contracts that account for a large portion of their energy purchases.  As contracts tied to carbon-producing resources expire, WVPA is committed to pursuing resources that will lower their overall carbon output.

“KV REMC is pleased with WVPA’s balanced approach to using various fuel sources for energy generation," stated Scott Sears, CEO for the cooperative.  "We feel confident that their analysis of the future energy landscape and available resources will allow them to hit these committed targets.”