Understand Your Bill

Utility bills contain a lot of technical information and can be confusing to read. The information below will walk you through some of the technical information and charges you will find on your bill so that you understand exactly what you’re paying for.

Sample Bill

How to Read Your Bill

A. Amount Due The total amount due and the payment due date are located at the top of the bill.  Accounts with past due amounts will have a red circle and red text indicating when payment must be received to avoid a late fee.

B. Your Account Information Your account number and bill date for this statement.  

C. Energy Use Comparison The amount of energy you consumed during this billing cycle compared with the previous billing period and with the same billing period a year ago.

D. Daily Use Your average daily use and daily cost for this month’s use.  

E. Message Center Important messages from the cooperative regarding your electric service or bill. This is also where you will learn about new services and events for the membership.

F. Bill Stub If you’re mailing your payment, include with it this portion of the bill. The front includes the amount due and account information. The back includes a form to update your contact information along with other ways to pay your bill.  

G. Account Details Here you will find detailed information about your account such as meter number and readings, number of days in the billing cycle, energy use and billing adjustments.

H. Energy Use Graph and Comparison Chart Use the graph to compare the current month’s use to the previous month’s. See how the monthly high and low temperatures affect the amount of energy you use each month.  

I. Keep Up With Important Information Review this area monthly for important updates, payment options, power outage reporting or safety reminders.