Operation Round Up

KV REMC gives to the local community through scholarships and supporting non-profits .

Operation Round Up® Trust

With Kankakee Valley REMC’s Operation Round Up®, a little change can help a lot. When members round their bills up automatically, KV REMC is able to donate to local non-profits. By participating, you are helping friends and neighbors in our community. And every year, those pennies add up, and for every member that participates, we are able to donate up to $6 to worthy causes. With 18,000 members, the potential impact is huge!

To be eligible for the next grant cycle for Operation Roundup Trust, please submit your grant to the KV REMC office by September 6, 2021. 

Is your organization in need of help?

Operation Round Up® Scholarship

At KV REMC, supporting our community and its youth is one of our top priorities. With our Operation Round Up® Scholarship, we offer to graduate high school seniors many scholarship opportunities. These scholarships are available to students of KV REMC members planning to continue their education at a college, university, or trade school in the fall.  Two-$2,000 scholarships and Four-$1,000 scholarships are available. 

Eligibility:  To be eligible, students' parents or legal guardians must be Kankakee Valley REMC member-consumers and participating in Operation Round Up. If you currently do not participate in Operation Round Up and wish to sign-up, please contact the KV REMC office at 800-552-2622. 

Deadline:  The 2021 Operation Round Up Scholarships have been awarded.  Applications for 2022 will be available in January.   

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who controls the funds that Operation Round Up® Trust generates?

Operation Round Up Trust is a separate entity from KV REMC with its own board of directors consisting of leaders within the community. Current board members include: Darl Jarneke, Kouts; Keith Meyers, Chesterton; Ed Marks, Wanatah; Dolores Surfus, Knox; Judy Jelinek, San Pierre; Pat Hedge, Crown Point; and Gloria Field, Winamac.

Who will benefit from the Operation Round Up® Program?
Where are the funds kept?
Who can apply for Operation Round Up® funds?
Do I have to participate in Operation Round Up®?
How many cooperatives participate in Operation Round Up®?
How much will Operation Round Up® cost a customer?

The average customer will contribute $6.00/year; the most they can contribute is $11.88/year. These dollars are tax deductible. You will receive notification of the total amount you have contributed during the year.

How much can a person receive from the Operation Round Up® Program?
How do I apply for funds?
I heard that scholarship funds are available through Operation Roundup. What are the requirements, and how do I apply for them?

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